The iPhone X is made in small quantities, and its the gold version and all can be delayed with the release

Tomorrow Apple will unveil the new iPhone, and the web of leaks and rumors do not become less. For example, KGI analysts say that at the moment the partners Cupertino giant produces only 10,000 iPhones X a day. That is, in about 300 000 devices a month.

This probably means that consumers will face a serious shortage of this model. Although, given the obviously considerable cost, perhaps the situation is not as critical as one would think.

There are also reports of problems with the gold version. Supposedly the production volumes of such devices is even lower, although the reasons are not known. This can lead not only to deficiency but also the fact that this smartphone will be available later than their counterparts, painted in different colors. Presumably, the new gold color will be called Blush Gold.



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