The iPhone is credited with 8 USB type-C

Edition of the Wall Street Journal, citing its own informants, says that OLED displays for smartphones iPhone 8, which supplies Samsung, will be curved on the sides.

With this, Apple intends to further distancing between the iPhone 8 and the other two models, which will be upgraded versions of last year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The second reason is the inability to provide simultaneous translation of all of the new iPhone to use new types of displays due to the lack of data components.

The source also adds that the place of the traditional Home button at the bottom of the front part of the new smartphone is a special sensory area. Earlier it was reported that the overall size of the display is 5.8 inches, but the main display will have a diagonal of only 5.15 in.

Finally, the informant claims that Apple will abandon Apple connector in favor of USB.



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