The iPhone can begin to collect in the United States, which will increase the cost of production more than doubled

The Japanese edition Nikkei Asian Review claims that Apple is discussing with its partner Foxconn the possibility of moving the production of iPhone on US territory.

If that happens, the us smartphones that have long gathered on Chinese production lines, someday will get that says «Made in USA».

The main reason for such discussions is the statement of the recently elected President of the USA of Donald trump (Donald Trump), who has promised to force Apple to make their products in USA and not in other countries. In particular, this can be a tax of 45% on goods which are imported from China.

A similar proposal made Apple and Pegatron, but the latter was rejected due to a sharp increase in the cost of production. Foxconn also don’t like the idea, but keep thinking about how to proceed.

Previously, Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) said that the iPhone is harvested in China not because of cheap labor, but because of the huge number of professionally trained employees that are just not in such volume in the United States.

The experts add that in the US Apple also not be an established supply chain for the production of the iPhone, which is in China. Even if trump will impose a tax of 45% can still be more profitable to produce smartphones in China and import them.

The transfer of production of the iPhone in the United States, according to experts, will lead to a more than double increase of production costs. And this will influence how much Apple will earn on each iPhone and how the smartphone will eventually rise in price to end users.



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