The iPhone 8 will help Apple set a new annual record for sales

Angelo Zino (Zino Angelo), who served as one of the senior analysts CFRA, expressed the opinion that Apple by the end of this year will be able to set a new record for sales of smartphones.

More specifically, Xeno believes that Cupertino giant for the year sells 241,5 million units, exceeding the record figure 2014. Sales growth will be due to the release of a completely new iPhone model 8 (name not yet confirmed).

While Xeno, like many other analysts, expects a downturn of sales of the iPhone to release a new model. So, in the current quarter, sales are expected at 41 million smartphones, and next — 47 million In the last three months of this year, Apple, as indicated by the source, can sell 85 million vehicles.

In this case, Apple is hostage to high expectations. From iPhone 8 and are waiting for a completely new design, and the use of display, which will occupy almost the entire frontal surface area, and integrated into the display of the fingerprint scanner. If the new Apple will be not as good as people expect, it can move sideways.



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