The iPhone 7 stand the bend test better than the predecessors

On the YouTube channel jerryrigeverything once there was a traditional test of strength design and materials of the new smartphone iPhone 7, who yesterday appeared in stores around the world.

The author of the review chose the iPhone 7 in matte black color, the endurance of the screen which was on par with other modern smartphones when it is scratched with a utility knife and heated with a lighter. The author of the review claims that the Home button is also covered with the usual protective glass, and not sapphire, as stated by Apple.

The back panel is made of aluminum alloy, pretty good will survive a neighborhood with a bunch of keys in your pocket, but it is very easily scratched by sharp objects.

The most interesting part of the test was to test smartphone bend, he moved much better the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. We will remind, the last one is just bent by the hands of ordinary observers, which did not differ a great force.

In the process of bending the display module away from the housing, showing the adhesive substance that protects the smartphone from moisture. It can be assumed that after such experiments the water resistance of the smartphone dropped significantly, but he has not lost form.



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