the iPhone 7 is expected ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 in the test by cyclic application launch

About a month ago on the YouTube channel PhoneBuff has published a video in which he compared last year’s iPhone 6s with 2 GB RAM and dual-core SoC Apple A9, as well as the new Samsung Galaxy Note7, received a much more impressive performance.

A comparison of unconditional victory, as you may recall, won last year’s flagship, so the result of the following experiment that compares the Samsung Galaxy Note7 and the iPhone 7 with 2 GB RAM and new Apple A10 was pretty predictable.

Recall that this test is to run one after the other 14 applications. iPhone 7 coped with the task in 1 minute and 14 seconds and the Samsung Galaxy Note7 took 2 minutes and 4 seconds. The second «circle» of the iPhone 7 was 0:26, so the total time was about 1:40. And Samsung Galaxy Note7 coped with the launch of 14 application twice in a circle in 3:14. I also want to mention a slight lag iPhone 6s iPhone 7.

About the reasons which led to the failure of Samsung Galaxy Note7 you can read here.

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