The iPhone 7 hacked a few days after the start of sales

Phone 7 went on sale last Friday, but, according to specialized publications, «jailbreak» (from the English. jailbreak for it already ready.

«Jailbreak» allows you to expand the capabilities of the device, bypassing the limitations of the closed iOS operating system, as a result, users get full access to the file system of the device can install apps from third-party sources and so on.

Hacking carried Luca Todesco (Todesco Luca, known in certain circles under the name qwertyoruiop. The photo shows an iPhone with iOS 7 installed 10.0.1 and Manager 1.1.26 Cydia that allows you to install apps on a jailbroken device.

Any links we for obvious reasons do not give. Moreover, the «jailbreak» is not yet available for public download. Luca Todesco just proved that hacking is possible, giving others the opportunity to engage in its distribution.



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