The inventor of the electronic lock with remote control filed for Apple to court for patent infringement

Mark Kilborn (Kilbourne Mark), the inventor of the Remotizer — access system without a key, based on the use of remote control electronic dead bolt, filed for Apple to court. According to the plaintiff, Apple has infringed patent No. 7373795 issued by the us patent office in 2008.

Created Kilborne Mr. Butler LLC in September 2014 tried to get Apple to enable apps for Remotizer in the Apple App store. It would allow Apple devices to control the locks Remotizer.

Approval was not received. Instead, Apple told Kilborn that for the evaluation of applications it is necessary to obtain access to the equipment, for which the intended application.

Soon Apple introduced the HomeKit platform and began selling locks August Smart Lock, which violated the rights Kilborn. The plaintiff is convinced that Apple was aware of the violation, but continued to sell the locks August Smart Lock to the Apple Store.



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