The Intel Core i7-7740K and Core i5-7640K should strengthen Intel’s position before the release of the AMD Ryzen solutions

Very soon the market should go AMD Ryzen. While we do not know prices, it is difficult to say how successful they will be in comparison with competitors, but the first leaks and official tests are encouraging.

According to the source, Intel is not going to sit idly by and is going to strengthen its range to the exit of competing products. This will be done through two new CPU. The first would be the model Core i7-7740K, which will become the new flagship of the family Kaby Lake. Base frequency of this processor will be 4.3 GHz, 100 MHz more than Core i7-7700K, so much performance increase should be expected. In addition, the increased TDP. A source says the value is above 100 W, compared to 91 watts for a current flagship.

The second novelty will be the Core i5-7640K. In this case, the frequency gain relative to the Core i5-7600K will amount to 200 MHz. What’s more, supposedly this CPU will support Hyper-Threading technology, which does not support Core i5-7600K, but this aspect is still in question. Recall, Hyper-Threading now support even a family of processors Pentium.

It is difficult to say whether all of these planned changes in advance or Intel really has to make certain changes in the assortment due to the soon appearance of a strong competitor. But know this we will be able in the next month.



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