The inner space of the computer case Deepcool D-Shield divided into two compartments

The range of computer cases Deepcool with a new model D-Shield standard size Midi-Tower. New, in full accordance with the latest trends, offers divided into two parts, the inner space in the upper part is given a place for the motherboard and expansion cards with graphics cards, and at the bottom is supposed to place the PSU and the drives.

Transfer the rack for the HDD in the lower part has freed up additional space for the graphics card — as a result, Deepcool D-Shield is compatible with graphics cards length up to 350 mm. Given that the length of the body is equal to 425 mm, is a good indicator. Height, width and weight D-Shield are, respectively, 463 mm, 188 mm and 3.85 kg.

Deepcool D-Shield compatible motherboard sizes ATX, microATX and Mini-ITX, and CPU coolers height up to 160 mm. the Housing has two external compartments, size 5.25 inches, seven slots on the rear panel for output interface panels expansion cards and the side wall with a window. Inside can be found three HDD size 3.5 inches and two HDD or SSD size 2.5 inches.

Default Deepcool D-Shield is equipped with only a single fan — 120 mm in diameter, placed on the rear wall. But wishes to him can be add up to four «propellers» of the same diameter.

Control panel Deepcool D-Shield placed in front of the top panel, with three USB ports — one USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0.

Source: DeepCool



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