The information about solid state drives Samsung PM981

Samsung is preparing to release solid state drives Samsung PM981. Preliminary information about them have already appeared in the network.

In devices of standard size M. 2, NVMe support Protocol, uses a proprietary 64-layer flash memory TLC V-NAND and corporate controller Polaris V2 is equipped with a radiator. The first digit in the designation of the SSD shows belonging to the top segment, representatives of which are Samsung model 960 and 960 Pro Evo.

Read speed models with up to 512 GB reaches 3000 MB/s, models with a volume of 1024 GB 3200 MB/s write Speed reaches 1800 MB/s 2400 MB/s, respectively.

Drives seen in Vietnam, where the model of a smaller amount asking for approximately $233, and for the model higher volume — $439.

It is expected that Samsung will also release drives series 970, rejecting the use of the words Pro and Evo designations.



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