The industry has formulated the first functional requirements for the tools of augmented reality

The organization of UI LABS and AREA (The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance) announced the publication of the first in the world manual, which formulates the functional requirements to the hardware and software parts of solutions in the field of augmented reality that will allow you to create these decisions are addressed to industrial users.

It is assumed that the solutions corresponding to these requirements can improve performance and efficiency in various areas, including staff training, health and safety; equipment maintenance; Assembly, testing and repair of machines; designing of industrial areas and products.

The initiators of the development was made by Lockheed Martin, Caterpillar and Procter & Gamble. Development became part of the project implemented by the Institute for Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) in collaboration with UI LABS. In total it was attended by 65 companies and organizations. Note that the list includes, for example, Microsoft, General Electric, Dow Chemical, Intel and Boeing.

The recommendations cover the battery, connections, field of view, built-in memory, built-in OS tools I / o physical characteristics and security requirements. Also issues of formation and deployment of content, connection with the Internet of things.

Source: AREA


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