The income of SK Hynix in 2016 amounted to about $ 15 billion

The second largest producer of memory chips in the world has published a report for the fourth quarter of 2016 and the year as a whole. Income SK Hynix quarter amounted to 4.64 billion dollars. Operating profit was equal to 1.32 billion dollars. These figures are 26% and 112% greater than the corresponding values for the third quarter of 2016. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2015, revenue grew 21% and operating profit by 55%.

The total income SK Hynix made up 14.78 billion, and an operating profit of 2.81 billion dollars. On comparison with the year 2015 both indicators decreased. Income decreased by 9% and operating profit 39%.

This year the manufacturer is going to accelerate the expansion of production DRAM according to the norms 2Z nm and to begin production of DRAM according to the norms of 1X nm. As part of the release of the flash-memory of type NAND planned creation of a new clean room at the enterprise M14 and the completion of a 72-layer 3D NAND memory.

Source: SK Hynix

SK Hynix


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