The image one more case for Samsung Galaxy S8 baffled by the abundance of holes

This morning we saw actually can look like a Samsung Galaxy S8. However, the Ghostek Atomic case 3, whereby it became possible, not allowed to consider the details. It was unclear what happened to the flash and position of the connectors.

Image of another cover reveal these details. Unfortunately, they did not assess the design of a smartphone, but, for example, the location of the side buttons is the same as how they located the picture of the cover 3 Atomic.

Also it becomes clear, where the novelty is flash. Exactly where the Atomic case 3 there is a covered hole above the camera.

In addition, this case reveals other important features. First, Galaxy S8 will not be deprived of the 3.5 mm audio connector. second, other openings suggest different ideas. The first option involves the presence of stereo speakers on the top and bottom (two identical holes on the top and bottom faces, left), audio Jack and USB port C. But the hole looks too large. The second option is the large hole is for the stylus. Some rumors attributed Galaxy S8 the presence of a digital pen. And although it looks unlikely, the image of this case suggests such an option.



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