The image of the smartphone Huawei Honor Magic demonstrates not completely «frameless» apparatus

As you know, the announcement of the smartphone Huawei Honor Magic is scheduled for December 16. Rumors pointed to the fact that it will be «frameless» smartphone, while frameless how it will be, nobody knows.

If we assume that the source has reliable information, the new Huawei looks like.

The image quality is mediocre, so it is unclear if he can be trusted. But a smartphone it is similar to silhouette that we have seen in the previous image.

Thus, if it is really a Honor Magic, we can talk about the conditional absence of the side frames and have very thin frames top and bottom. On the other hand, the official images of the Xiaomi Mi Mix flaunts almost missing frames on three sides, but in fact they are quite noticeable.

It can also be noted that the device on the picture is equipped with a fingerprint scanner. And, apparently, talking about the ultrasonic sensor.



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