The IDF is working on a health tracker for the soldiers

Modern activity trackers mostly designed to help the user learn a little more about their activity. But it is easy to imagine what they are capable models with a variety of different sensors, if the data to be integrated in a special medical service.

Now in the Network and then there are news that one or another similar tracker or smart watch helped to save the user, as IN analyzing the resulting data, reported a deterioration in vital signs, and notified the attending physician. Sooner or later, the wearing of such devices associated with medical services, will become the norm, which should significantly increase the number of early detections of these or those violations of health.

But the experts from Israel decided that the trackers can be useful to the military. The IDF (Israel Defense Forces; IDF) is working on a wearable device that can help save more wounded soldiers.

The idea is simple. If a soldier is injured, medics upon arrival, immediately put his hand a medical alert bracelet and information about the human condition in real time begin to enter the doctors. That is, those before the appearance of the patient in their possession will know what needs to be done, based not only on the words of doctors of the medical team, but also on specific information about the condition of the body of the victim. By the way, a similar device can be used in the civilian mode when the tracker is put on the patient when the ambulance arrived.

The developers suggest that the creation of such a tracker will be completed within three years.


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