The Honor 6X smartphone was not as durable as I would like

Smartphone Honor 6X already many thematic resources was named one of the best in the segment. The apparatus includes a metal casing, dual camera and quite good technical parameters.

A well-known blogger with the pseudonym jerryrigeverything once criticized the new Honor standard set of tests, which you can see in the video.

As you can see, safety glass in the smartphone is not the most resistant to scratching. Material with a hardness of 4 on Mohs scale is enough to leave a mark on the glass. Often the smartphones, if you do not consider a budget model or device unknown Chinese artists, have a glass, which is scratch materials with a hardness of at least 6.

Also a matter of the strength of the hull bending. The video clearly shows that the application of the average effort is enough to bend the smartphone to idle state. Thus, buyers Honor 6X is not superfluous to attend to the gluing of a protective film or glass, and also be careful with the wearing of a smartphone in the back pockets of jeans.

By the way, in Russia Honor 6X can be purchased on the official website of the company for 17 000 rubles.

, Huawei


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