The height of the CPU cooler SilverStone NT08-115XP is 33 mm

In stock SilverStone has a new low profile CPU cooler — NT08-115XP. The height of the new model is just 33 mm — it makes NT08-115XP suitable for use in very compact housings. However, there is the flip side of «thin coin»: the cooler is compatible with processors, TDP 65 watts.

Structurally SilverStone NT08-115XP is an aluminium heatsink with copper base and mounted to the top fan with a diameter of 8 cm and a height of 10 mm with bearing. Propeller rotates at a speed of 1200-3400 rpm and generates an air flow 9,58 — of 27.15 m3/h at noise level of 16.5-of 28.98 dB.

SilverStone NT08-115XP is only compatible with Intel processors in LGA 1156, 1155, 1150 and 1151. It is therefore not surprising that the system mounts to the motherboard the same as the coolers offered by Intel with processors.

The length and width of new items is by 101 mm, weight — 292 grams.

Source: SilverStone



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