The headquarters of Apple Campus 2 was not completed in time because of the huge attention to detail

Not so long ago we published a video which showed how changed the object under construction, which will eventually become the new headquarters of Apple. As you know, to complete the construction was planned last year, but the timing is shifted several times.

According to the source, one of the reasons for missed deadlines — great attention to detail. In the best tradition of Steve jobs when the building is considered the smallest dimensions. For example, none of the vent or pipe should not be reflected in the outer glass. Recommendations on selection of timber for various works in the campus is 30 pages of text. Even the distance between the finishes in most cases clearly indicated and must not exceed 3 mm, and in some cases, the values should be much less.

Each of the thousands of ceiling panels are approved by two people: a representative of Apple and the representative of the contractor. And this is done twice: first in the store, and then again directly on the site.

Some aspects of the construction were varied in the process a few times. Despite the fact that the builders could not find a flaw in his work, Apple eventually changed the idea and the work had to redo it again. Anyway, soon the construction will be completed and we will be able to assess what came from Apple.



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