The head of SK Group confirmed the company’s desire to purchase semiconductor manufacturing Toshiba

SK Group Chairman Choi Tae-Won (Chey Tae-won) has expressed a strong intention of the company to purchase a unit of Toshiba, a manufacturer of flash memory. According to him, the company SK Group is ready to raise his bet when the struggle for the specified unit will enter a decisive phase.

«Because the current rates are not binding and offers can be changed at this stage, price is not important — leads the source words of the President, said at the meeting with reporters after a lecture at the KAIST Institute. — When will begin the main auction, our rate will be different.»

This comment was made in response to the concern that the current rate of SK Hynix were less than the rates of other parties interested in the purchase of the business to Toshiba.

Yet, as far as is known, the maximum amount of 27.5 billion — suggested that the Taiwanese company Hon Hai (Foxxcon).

It is expected that the most likely buyer will be determined in June.

Source: The Korea Times



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