The head of Qualcomm’m sure with Apple they can settle their conflict

Qualcomm and Apple are involved in several lawsuits related to patent infringement and nonpayment of royalties. Recently Qualcomm again appealed to the court in China, demanding to ban the production and sale of iPhone smartphones in the country.

During the latest interview with Executive Director Steve Mollenkopf (Steven Mollenkopf) expressed the hope that in the end, the representatives of both companies will be able to shake hands and to continue mutually beneficial cooperation.

«In the end do not forget about the main thing — we are talking about the price of technology used in smartphones. That is all boils down to how much you are willing to pay».

He added that the protracted dispute with Apple is rather an anomaly, the exception to the rule, as the company a very long time to peacefully resolve similar issues with many of his clients.

So when the company will settle this conflict? «I don’t have the exact date, but the problem will be solved,» said Steve Mollenkopf.

However, Steve Mollenkopf in the beginning of the year was confident that the dispute with Apple will be able to settle out of court.



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