The head of Huawei’t see the point in smart watches

Executive Director of Huawei Eric Xu (Eric Xu) said that he did not see the point in smart watches in the modern world, which is filled smartphones.

He noted that it is very difficult to understand why you may need smart watches when everyone has smart phones, but also added that he himself would never wear this gadget.

Eric Xu said that whenever the team is in him the idea of the Apple watch, he asks questions about the purpose of these devices. Xu thinks, if the watch can’t offer anything that already offer smartphones, then what’s the point.

The company has already released Huawei Watch Huawei is preparing to release a Watch 2. In today’s market you have to produce, which is in the range of competitors, even if you don’t think are interesting.

Guide Huawei have distinguished radical statements, in particular, on the screens with a 4K resolution and the required amount of RAM in smartphones.



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