The head of Huawei promises fully frameless smartphone

The display, which occupies almost the entire front panel of the smartphone is the latest trend on the market today.

LG has already released LG G6 smartphone with a display, which is called Full Vision. A few days will be presented the Samsung Galaxy S8, which will receive a similar screen, which occupies almost the entire front panel.

During the latest interview with Executive Director of Huawei Chengdong Yu (Yu Chengdong) has confirmed that his company also intends to compete with competitors, presenting smartphone, the entire front part of which will be occupied by the display. No details about fully frameless Huawei smartphone yet.

Recently, Xiaomi confirmed that the company is preparing the successor to the Xiaomi Mi Mix that will surpass the original in efficiency of space utilization front panel. Also, according to the latest rumors, the sale will be a simplified version of the Xiaomi Mi Mix for $ 145.



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