The grunge style in clothes: the art of creating extravagant image

In the last century in the fashion industry has a new daring style – grunge. Explosive and bright in its essence, grunge was fond of versatile individuals who love to change your look from day to day. Today this style can be seen in the youth, and among the older generation. We can safely say that the borders in this direction does not exist. This freedom of imagination and choice.

Specific features of the style manifested in clothing

Bold causing and unique images in grunge style is skirts, worn over pants and other skirts, shirts over t-shirts and the combination of incongruous colors. The choice of this wardrobe is a sure way to stand out from the crowd, dressed in the same clothes. The translation of the word «grunge» – the ugly – absolutely does not reflect the essence of style. The first impression of a person may surprise and alienate, but then you notice how skillfully chosen details of the costume.

Main features of the style is:

  • comfort choose clothes because the look chic – nothing compared to the convenience;
  • eclectic closet, the combination of incongruous styles, the appearance of sloppiness attached to even the most sophisticated branded things;
  • a neglected type of clothing, arrows, holes, patches, sticking thread;
  • layering – things placed one on top of another in an unusual manner;
  • monochrome and monotone shades, no prints and patterns, natural color;
  • the inner freedom of the person, choosing grunge comes through in every way.

If desired, you can combine grunge with styles, military-inspired, casual style, vintage. Combination with clothes in glamorous trends are undesirable. Also grunge rejects decorated with shiny rhinestones and other glamorous decorative elements.

That can be combined in grunge style

Those who wish to dress in the clothes in the grunge style, you should learn the basics from this wardrobe. On their basis it is possible to form a variety of and unforgettable images.

Items of clothing: denim things (they must be torn, with a fringe of disheveled threads); leather (the material cracked and worn, distressed); the original cut dresses, dress shirts and dress shirts; blazers and jackets (not a classic, with patches and traces of fading); tights and leggings in stripes; shirts and t-shirts oversized polyalloy of cloth; coats; sweaters oversize holes and released loops; frayed short shorts of any material; long sundresses in the floor; layered skirt.

Of shoes you can choose ballet flats, worn sneakers or sneakers, bulky shoes with a high platform and tractor sole. Among the accessories used all sorts of hats, caps, baseball caps, original glasses, shapeless or unusual shaped backpacks, massive decorations.

To complete the look with a high ponytail or loose hair. You can paint the ends in a contrasting color. Makeup is better not to apply. But if the need is still there, it is better to use sudovye tones combined with darker shades.

Gathering all this knowledge together, you can outline the approximate way in the grunge style. Any combination and additional accents will make the bow unique. It is only necessary to include fantasy.

The grunge style in the fashion industry

Many popular brands and fashion houses is releasing a whole line of clothes in the grunge style. Such clothing has all the signs of direction, with different high quality and attractive appearance. Designers warn buyers from of creating images through clothing hippies that are sold in Second Hand shops. There you can buy just an old outdated model. The principle of grunge is the fresh trends that sell well-known brands. Externally, these things are very different from each other.

Attention should be paid to the following brands: the fashion house of Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Zara, River Island, Bershka. Quite unexpectedly, grunge lines began to produce such mastodons of the fashion industry like Chanel, Acne, Balenciaga, Vivienne Westwood, D&G.

One of the first who decided to create this collection, was a young and budding designer Mark Jacobs. In 1993 he released on the catwalk models in ragged shapeless clothes, and had conquered the world of fashion. This bold decision was the impetus for his career.

Among the stars of show business images in grunge style try on keira Knightley, Kristen Stewart, the Olsen twins, Shakira, Mischa Barton and many others. The brightest representative of this rebellious and at the same time pessimistic direction was unforgettable Kurt Cobain, the leader of the group Nirvana. The clothes the stars can be a source of inspiration for every fashionista who wants to be part of this movement.

How not to make grunge image in starvation?

A thin line between chic and sleazy miserable rags, the only drawback liberated areas. To superficial promiscuity have not played with the fashionista cruel joke, should pay attention to the details in the image. The easiest way to achieve this is to use clothes only from famous and expensive brands. Here nothing can go wrong. Experience and sense of style fashion yards will provide the desired effect of appearance of any representative of the flow. Accessories is better to choose from collections of copyright. Better if they are boxed. The original design is something that will make any look unique.

Shoes should be made of good-quality expensive materials. Accessories are made of durable components and does not fall off at the most inopportune moment. If you intend to exploit the effect of dirty hair, it does not mean unwashed a week head. These hairstyles are created with styling and skillful hands of the master.

Extravagant closet might belong to a lady of any age. Rebellious spirit typical of young people, but it is not the outright rule. And grunge confirms this fact. Well-chosen way to transform the fair sex at any age. He will help her to experience complete freedom from the bottoms of and commitment to the community. At this moment you can feel the true taste of life.

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