The graphics core in a hybrid Intel processors based on the architecture of Polaris, not Vega

A couple of days ago the IT world was disturbed by the announcement of the Intel processor that contains AMD. Despite the emergence of such rumors last winter, few really believed it would happen.

During the announcement, we did not disclose details about the new products. Yesterday from third-party sources, we learned that the flagship CPU Core i7-8809G can get a GPU with 1536 stream processors.

Now it is reported that this will be all the same graphics core generation Polaris, not Vega. Of course, I would like to see in these decisions the new GPU, but this will be a very productive solution for your classroom. Use Vega instead of Polaris, you can explain, for example, those that work on this generation of processors has started quite a long time and Vega by the time simply were not ready.

The source also claims that the video drivers for processors will be to develop and deliver AMD. Intel, in turn, will be responsible for creating work ON the bus EMIB, which is quite logical.



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