The German developers have proposed an alternative layout of the cameras for smartphones

Professionals working in the Fraunhofer Institute, proposed a completely new layout of the cameras for mobile devices that can get past the camera, protruding above the surface of the thin housings.

Further reduction of conventional camera modules dwarfed by the scale of the lenses and the need to position the lens at a certain distance from the sensor. Therefore, cameras are often protrude above the surface of the body.

In the module, created by German engineers, sensors, rotated 90°, that is, looking at the narrow face of the housing of the smartphone. The light falls on them, reflected in tiny mirrors.

In the simplest case, just one mirror, but for good results on short distances I had to add the second sensor and the mirror, and to compensate for emerging when combining two images of the error, the entire set was doubled, that is, the module has four sensors and four mirrors. The turning mirror can do the basic front camera and Vice versa. The thickness of the prototype is equal to 3.5 mm, the resolution is 20 Megapixels. Implemented in modules with auto-focus and image stabilization. According to the developers, images are quite comparable in quality with images that make camera modern smartphones.

As the camera turns retractable, this approach has another advantage, in addition to small thickness. When the camera is hidden in the phone, it can not work silently.

Source: CIO


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