The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and Radeon 64 Vega clashed in the games in 8K resolution

4K today is no surprise. Due to the fact that monitors and TVs with this resolution are relatively mass only recently, graphics card manufacturers have already achieve the level of performance to game at this resolution were the right to life.

Today to play in 4K resolution, in General, allow all of the flagship graphics card from AMD and Nvidia, and for many projects it will be enough and mainstream cards. Of course, if you approach this issue more biased, then 4K is suitable only for one model: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (the models of Titan and the monstrous Radeon Pro Duo in the calculation can not take it).

And, despite the fact that the relevant monitors and a TV owns a very small percentage of gamers, some thematic publications have now decided to test the abilities of modern graphics adapters in the resolution of 8K.

For these purposes the specialists of the website TweakTown took the Dell monitor UP3218K a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels.

As you can see, while there are so many solutions on the market there is no suitable graphics card for gaming. In three games out of four the result is absolutely unplayable. Here you can clearly see that the performance difference between the cards is erased when the workload exceeds all reasonable limits.

In the game Shadow Of Mordor, the picture is better and there are already apparent differences in the capabilities of the adapters. However, it is worth noting that all games were exhibited maximum graphics settings. Unfortunately, in this part of the review, the source is not checked in maps in other modes and other games. We can assume that in some games when you install medium settings the graphics capabilities of the flagship adapters AMD and Nvidia will be enough.



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