The GeForce GT 1030 will actually receive only 384 CUDA cores and 64-bit memory bus

A couple of days ago we’ve updated the graphics card GeForce GT 1030, which is supposed to represent the 8th of may. But at the time it was all just rumors.

Now the existence of such a model is confirmed through the company Galax and KFA2 brand. In this case the source has information about the adapter 1030 GT KFA2 Exoc White.

As you can see, the graphics card is based on a low profile PCB and is only one expansion slot, so is perfect for HTPC and other compact systems. The owners of such PCs will delight and TDP of only 30 watts.

But to count on enough performance in modern games is not worth it. The fact that the adapter will receive only 384 CUDA cores and only 64-bit memory bus, so expect miracles it is not necessary. Of course, absolutely useless card is unlikely, but many modern games even on minimum settings will have to forget.

The source also reports that the GPU frequency will be 1252/1506 MHz, and 2 GB of memory will operate at a frequency of 6000 MHz, which gives a bandwidth of 48 GB/s. the Expected cost in Europe around 80 Euro.



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