The GeForce GT 1030 cost about $ 80 you can imagine may 8

Recently, the Network appeared information about the fact that Nvidia may launch a GeForce GT 1030 to compete with the Radeon RX 550. The novelty should be based on the GPU GP108, containing 512 CUDA cores. Under these conditions, it will be the first three years of the budget table on Nvidia’s absolutely new GPU.

And while this model we have not announced, another source confirms its parameters, complementing them with new ones. Resource WCCF Tech also tells about GP108 GPU with 512 CUDA cores. He said that the GPU will have 32 texture units and 16 raster operations units. Memory bus width is equal to 128 bits, but the memory will supposedly be 2 or 4 GB, not 1 or 2 GB. But while that seems dubious, since the model GTX 1050, standing on the step above, were submitted to Nvidia only in option with 2 GB of memory.

The source also claims that the GeForce GT 1030 TDP is only 35 watts. For comparison, the GeForce GTX 1050 has a TDP of 75 watts, so more than likely seen the level of energy consumption of new items at 50 watts.

As for prices, said 80 dollars, that is direct opposition Radeon RX 550. Considering that the recommended price of the GTX 1050 is $ 110, it seems quite real. The date of the announcement called on may 8.



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