The Gartner study showed that Pets «connected solutions» are a lot of enthusiasts

The introduction of household «connected solutions» is at an early stage, when interest in new technologies are only enthusiasts. To such conclusion analysts of Gartner, which carried out a study involving about 10,000 users in the US, UK and Australia. The data collected also show that the above solution is only in every tenth household.

Under homemade «connected solutions» Gartner analysts imply connected with Internet devices and services, which can work automatically according to certain scenarios, support remote control via web browser or mobile app and can send messages to the user.

The study showed that the most common among the connected solutions are security systems. This segment is also the fastest growing. Connected solutions are most often found in the United States.

Three quarters of respondents reported that they are satisfied with the manual management of the comforts of home, for example, heating and lighting. The ability to automatically control attracts 25% of respondents. Interestingly, 58% would prefer an Autonomous, self-contained integrated device, related solutions.

At the same time, consumers are beginning to realize the advantages of integration in one app management tools and services. This is evidenced by the responses of more than half (55%) of survey participants. While 58% of the respondents consider important the presence of the certificate of a certain brand, that is in favor of standardization and unification decisions.

Source: Gartner


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