The games Activision Blizzard for a quarter of users spend over 1 billion dollars

The company Activision Blizzard, has the world’s largest gaming network, has published its latest quarterly report. The drafters of the report note that the actual figures exceeded expectations.

The reporting period brought the video game publisher, a record high for the third quarter net income 1,618 billion dollars, while the company predicted getting 1,385 billion. In the third quarter of 2016, this figure was equal to 1,568 billion. If you allocate the income received via digital channels, it also turns out to be a record — 1.35 billion dollars.

In the calculation of GAAP operating income is equal to 16%, GAAP — 30%. Earnings per share for the year decreased from 0.26 to $ 0.25. Calculation of non-GAAP yields values of 0.47 and 0.49 per dollar, respectively.

Among the statistics cited in the report, you can select the number of active users per month gaming network Activision Blizzard. It is equal to 384 million people. Inside games users per quarter spent more than $ 1 billion.


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