The game developer believes that Radeon RX Vega in the games will be 20% faster Radeon Vega Frontier Edition

Yesterday, the Network appeared the first test of 3D-card Radeon Edition Vega Frontier in modern games. Professional adapter in most cases proved to be worse than than the GeForce GTX 1080 and even lost to a GTX 1070.

One would assume that the gaming card Radeon RX Vega will not be able to perform much better professional brother, however, has a different view. On the website Reddit is one of the professional game developers spoke out in defense of the future flagship of AMD.

He explained why the Radeon RX Vega should be significantly faster. Firstly, the professional cards have special control technology data integrity. Are hardware mechanisms, and they are not disabled, including in game mode. Because of them, for example, increase in latency, leading to performance degradation. Have game cards these technologies will not be that will help to increase productivity.

Second, the GPU frequency slot of the adapter must be higher. As we already know, the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition, it is on average 1440 MHz, while Radeon RX Vega needs to be at 1600 MHz. This will contribute to a more productive cooling system.

Finally, the developer proposes to think about a different driver with a different optimization. All of this, in his opinion, should give an increase of about 20% in comparison with the professional card.

If the situation really will be Radeon RX Vega will reach the level of GeForce GTX 1080, but until the GTX 1080 Ti, unfortunately, will still be far away.



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