The function of Search In Apps for Android will allow you to search a word in multiple apps

Google continuing to develop Android OS, has announced a new search feature. It’s called Search In Apps and, as you can guess from the title, responsible for searching information in the application on the smartphone.

So once again not to describe the essence of innovation, here is an animated image.

As you can see, the search takes place in multiple applications. Initially, the search will work in the Google apps Messenger, Spotify, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, Google Play Music and Instagram, but later they will add at least Facebook Messenger, Evernote, LinkedIn, Google Keep and Todoist.

Of course, the search happens even without connecting to the Network. The settings will remove the unwanted application from the list of search engines. The first smartphone that will receive the new feature will be the LG V20, which will be running Android 7.0. But the function itself will be available for devices with Android 6.0.



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