The frequency of the GPU video card HIS IceQ X2 RX 480 Roaring Turbo 8GB reaches 1338 MHz

The range of HIS replenished RX 480 video card IceQ X2 OC 8GB Roaring. The novelty differs from the reference sample everything.

First, it uses the original massive cooling system with multiple heat pipes, two fans and a metal plate protecting the back side of the Board. Fans, incidentally, stopped when core temperature less than 50 degrees.

Second, the adapter boasts a six-phase power subsystem and with eight-pin power connector. Finally, the maximum frequency of the GPU reaches 1288 MHz, and RX models 480 IceQ X2 Turbo 8GB Roaring and all is 1338 MHz. Memory is 8 GB in both cases operates at a frequency of 8000 MHz.

Set of ports includes DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort (x3).

Radeon RX 480


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