The French company DPDgroup received permission on package delivery drones, but so far only for one route

It seems France was the first country, which implemented a mail delivery system through drones. Directorate General of civil aviation (General Directorate for Civil Aviation; DGAC) has allowed the company DPDgroup, which is a subsidiary of the postal service Le Groupe La Poste to open a regular commercial line, parcel delivery drones.

Of course, it will not be implemented across the country, and in a fairly small region in the South of France. Once a week, the drone will overcome the 15-km route between the commune of Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume and the commune Pourrieres, where there is a kind of incubator for young technology companies.

This project was created two years ago, but only now, after multiple tests, DPDgroup received the necessary permission.

About Drona knows that he is able to transport objects weighing up to 3 kg with a speed of 30 km/h. it Also comes with a parachute in case of an emergency.



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