The Fraunhofer Institute created a display for smart glasses, which consumes about one hundred times less energy than its predecessors

Smart glasses show the user information, not limiting his field of vision. Their weak point is the short battery life, caused by high power electronics — primarily display. Experts of the Fraunhofer Institute (Fraunhofer FEP) created the display with reduced power consumption. It is alleged that he consumes 2.3 mW — about one hundred times less energy than conventional microdisplay smart glasses.

Reduced energy consumption achieved by updating only the changing part of the image. Display type OLED simultaneously plays the role of the camera as each pixel is a photosensitive element. This camera can be used, for example, to determine the user’s gaze.

A prototype of the device, the developers intend to show at electronics show, which will be held in Munich next week. According to them, development is quite ready for commercial implementation.

Source: Fraunhofer FEP


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