The Fraunhofer FEP and the company Sefar showed flexible OLED lighting panel made by roll printing

Specialists of the Institute for organic electronics, electron beam and plasma technology to them. Fraunhofer (Fraunhofer FEP) and their colleagues from the company Sefar, which specializes in the manufacture of fabrics made of monofilament, developed the technological process of manufacturing of flexible OLED lighting panels by the method of roll printing. Partners showed a sample of such a panel.

New technology has become the development of such development, providing for batch processing of substrates, which was presented in the beginning of the year. It allows you to produce a panel width of 30 cm and a length up to 30 m.

The basis of the panels serves as a substrate TCS Planar, developed by Sefar specialists. It resembles a foil, is characterized by a very high electrical conductivity and light transmission.

In TCS Planar woven metallic conductors with a diameter of 40 µm. The use of conductors is less durable conductive films ensured the uniformity of illumination and resistance to deformation.

Source: Fraunhofer FEP


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