The frameless smartphone Meizu demonstrates the presence of the button mBack, despite the display 18:9

On frameless smartphone Meizu has long been a lot of rumors, it was called different names and predicted announcements on different dates. We now know that Meizu is not going to release any new flagships until next spring, but this does not mean that work on these same leaders are not conducted.

Another leak is a picture on which allegedly captured the first «frameless» smartphone Meizu.

He has no details, and evidence that it is the device Meizu is, in fact, Neti. But we can note one unusual detail. While the device obviously has a display 18:9 (or some similar ratio), it has a physical button below the display. If this is the smartphone Meizu, it button mBack, which is all current models of the manufacturer. And while no other company has retained key under the display when switching to a more elongated screens.



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