The Frame Samsung TV 4K, similar to the picture in the frame

Samsung Electronics has announced the beginning of sales of The TV Frame. The manufacturer compares this TV with the picture in the gallery — and no wonder: in addition to the external similarities, the TV may show on your screen reproductions of artistic paintings and photographs selected by the user from a rather large list. The list includes 100 works by 37 authors.

The resolution of the TV is 4K Ultra HD. Available in two models. Model with 65-inch screen costs $2799, and 55-inch is $1999. Interchangeable frames (white, beige and «walnut») for a 55-inch models cost $200 for a 65-inch — $250.

New paintings and prints will be available in constantly updated in cooperation with museums and galleries, and the Art Store catalogue Samsung, now numbering 300 works. You could buy one for $20 or a subscription that provides access to the whole collection for $5 per month.

In addition, the user can use own images to be stored in a special catalog of My Collection.

The manufacturer notes use for all connections of one unobtrusive transparent optic cable (Invisible Connection) and mounting No Gap Wall Mount designed to mount the TV as close to the wall. As an alternative to the proposed stand, Studio Stand, stylized easel.

Thanks to the light sensor, the television automatically adjusts the brightness and color temperature of the image. Motion sensor automatically turns off the TV when no one is in the room, and turns it on as soon as someone appears.

Source: Samsung


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