The Foundation of Toshiba’s microcontrollers M3H group (2) serves as the ARM Cortex-M

Toshiba announced the release of Toshiba’s microcontrollers M3H group (2), which became the third in the family TXZ. The Foundation of Toshiba’s microcontrollers M3H group (2) is a-ARM Cortex-m Evaluation samples of 24 of the models will begin in may, and their serial production of the manufacturer expects to begin in September.

In may last year saw the release of the first group — the M3H group (1), comprising 30 models for consumer and industrial electronics, and in October — the second group, M4K group, consisting of 13 models with vector unit. According to the manufacturer, microcontrollers M3H group (2) superior to their predecessors. New microcontrollers have from 64 to 144 conclusions and from 256 to 512 KB flash memory. The clock frequency is 80 MHz, twice as possible models for the M3H group (1). The list of built-in peripheral units includes a high-precision 12-bit ADC (up to 21 channels), 8-bit DAC (2 channels), programmable control circuit of the electric drive Toshiba A-PMD, as well as timers and UART, I2C and TSPI. The advantages of the M3H group (2) the manufacturer considers low power consumption.

In the list of applications, the new MCUs include air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, office and household appliances, audio — and video equipment.

Source: Toshiba



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