The Ford Sync 3 system will receive the full support of the voice assistant Alexa to autumn of the current year

A year ago Ford said a study on the possibility of integrating the voice assistant Amazon Alexa car Sync system. Since that time, some automakers have already announced similar decisions and now it is time for Ford.

The U.S. auto giant said that its implementation integrating the Alexa into a car system is the most comprehensive. Directly in the car using voice commands, you can do things that allow smart speaker system Amazon. That is to get different information if the system is connected to the Internet, manage music playback, navigation and so on.

Sitting at home, if you have a device with support for Alexa, you can lock or unlock your doors, start the engine or to get some information about cars, for example, fuel level, mileage information, the charge level of the batteries in hybrid or electric cars. The first support such management will receive cars Focus Electric, Fusion Energi and C-MAX Energi.

Integration will occur in two stages. During the month there will be remote control car from the house, and in summer directly to the car system, Sync 3 will receive the support of the voice assistant.



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