The following mobile computer Microsoft called the Surface Pro Next and will differ from what is on the market

As we already reported, on may 23, is expected to announce a mobile computer Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Please specify what is the name of the new assigned thematic resources, but the manufacturer it is not used. In the invitation to the event mentions the word «Next» («next»).

It seems that it will be included in the device name. It hinted at the Panos Panay (Panos Panay), Vice-President at Microsoft, leading the developers of the device Surface.

Speaking in an interview with CNET about the effect that is related not so much with hardware changes, such as the use of the latest processor, but with the changes in the overall user experience, he said, «You will see the same significant effect, when Pro 5 or Pro Next will appear on the market. Such as Pro 5, there is no».

In other words, the next mobile computer Microsoft would be significantly different from the mobile computers offered to consumers now.




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