The flight was delayed because of a passenger who used the name Samsung Galaxy Note7 for your Wi-Fi connection

Recently on Board of the aircraft, Virgin America, an incident occurred in which flight crew, EN route from San Francisco to Boston, was forced to act according to the script provided for an emergency.

The crew found that one of the passengers handing out on-Board Wi-Fi and his device is called the Samsung Galaxy Note7_1097. After the finding reported to the commander, he’s on the loudspeaker announced that this is not a drill and that all personal belongings of the passengers should be searched.

When the pilot said it plans to make an emergency landing in Wyoming, the Joker confessed to the crime. Later information was confirmed: the man simply changed the name of the wireless connection, even though he had another smartphone.

One of the passengers made a screenshot available on Board Wi-Fi networks

The elucidation of the situation led to the fact that the plane landed in Boston with a delay. The source reports that the Joker escaped with only the disapproval of the passengers and crew.



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