The flagship Intel Kaby Lake sometimes show inexplicable jumps in temperature

Intel generation Kaby Lake, if we talk about flagship solutions, rather disappointed than pleased. They were not significantly faster than its predecessor, not have more frequency potential, and even power ambiguous.

Judging by the numerous complaints on the forum Intel, these processors there is a very strange behavior. CPU Core i7-7700 and i7-7700K some users periodically show temperature spikes. And racing on these very significant that you can see in the graphs below.

This chart shows that under load in OCCT the average temperature is kept below 80 degrees, but there are many jumps over 90 degrees. Limit temperature for these CPUs is 100 degrees. In this case it was tested an overclocked processor cooling by means of GSO. But the important thing is that on the same graph shows that without any load when the temperature on average is kept at around slightly above 30 degrees, there is a jump to 60-70 degrees.

These messages are already a lot of what it says about the relative mass of the problem. At the same time it was discovered in the early years, however, Intel has awarded user only one answer, which stated that the company failed to detect abnormalities in the work of processors, and jump can be attributed to the opening of any programs.



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