The first went to Taiwan and exploded the iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, went on sale a week ago, not setting any records. This is due to the fact that many fans decided to wait for the iPhone X.

Talking about some problems with the new smartphones, we mentioned only the history of with sounds coming from loudspeakers spoken some devices. Apple has already stated that the problem is software in nature and will be fixed in the next firmware update.

This week, however, appeared the first message on the iPhone 8 Plus, which exploded while charging. The incident occurred in Taiwan Taichung. Smartphone with 64 GB of flash memory was purchased on September 23, he spent only three days.

The story of the owner, the charge level of the smartphone was about 70%, she used the original charger. When the explosion occurred, the violation of the integrity of the hull, as seen in the photos.

The girl used Apple smartphones since the iPhone 4, but a similar case happened to her for the first time. The exploding smartphone sent for examination.



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