The first unmanned vehicle Ford will appear in 2021 and will focus on commercial segment

Ford continues to move in the direction of the market of unmanned vehicles. To become one of the leaders preparing for the birth of the market, Ford now enhances the development teams in Silicon valley and Palo Alto, and has also invested in four start-up companies associated with this industry.

First, Ford together with Baidu to invest $ 150 million into the company Velodyne, which is developing LIDAR systems. The automaker wants to make such systems more affordable.

The second company that received investments Ford — Saips. To be precise, in this case Ford just bought this company. Saips specializiruetsya on the technology of machine vision and machine learning.

With Nirenberg Neuroscience automaker signed an exclusive license agreement. The company also develops machine vision technology, although this is not its only industry.

Finally, the investment received Civil Maps involved in the creation of three-dimensional maps for navigation.

This year, Ford aims to triple its fleet of unmanned vehicles as they are at this stage. As a result, the company will have 30 similar cars and come in first place among automakers. Of course, Google with its more than a hundred different vehicles to the American pioneer far.

In addition, Ford said that the first unmanned vehicle companies will appear in 2021. However, interestingly, this car cannot be purchased for personal use. The car will be aimed at the commercial segment and primarily will be used for services taxi services and carpooling. Previously, Ford did not mention such plans. Given that about the same purposes already stated General Motors, we can assume that these two companies, the trend will not stop and most of the unmanned machines of the first generation will not be available to regular buyers.

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