The first tests Xbox One X show the capabilities of the 4K

Last month, Microsoft introduced, according to her, the most productive gaming console in the world. Xbox One X is really impressive even by the standards of PS4 Pro: 6 TFLOPS still rather big figure.

But is that enough for gaming at 4K? Thanks to the first test of the new consoles a partial answer to this question is already available. With overview, you can see from the video below.

For brevity, we present the data in a more convenient form. So, the console was tested in nine games, the names of which are unknown.

Presumably, A Title is a ReCore, Title B — Forza Motorsoprt 7, Title C — Gears of War 4, Title G — a Halo Wars 2, Title H — Star Wars Battlefront. The results in these games compared to the Xbox One, you can see in the chart below.

As you can see, things are not so simple. Recall Xbox One X was tested at 4K and Xbox One Full HD. In the end, four of the nine games the new console has been able to circumvent the predecessor, but five lost, and one game very significantly. Also note that in three games the number of frames per second is not even 30, and one even lies below 20. In General we can say that the Xbox One X does provide the ability to play most modern games in 4K resolution, and new projects will get the additional benefit with appropriate optimization.



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