The first SSD format M. 2 with a 64-layer memory Samsung VNAND will be 960 Pro 2 TB

According to the source, the new solid state drives Samsung 960 can be based on a 64-layer flash memory VNAND that the Korean giant introduced last month.

Recall that each cell of a memory capable of storing three bits of information. The density of the crystal is 512 GB, and it supports data transfer rate up to 800 Mbps.

The use of a new type of memory will allow not only to raise speed characteristics, but also to make more capacious SSD. For example, published by image indicates that the new drive format M. 2 with NVMe support will be available in versions of volume 1 and 2 TB, while the maximum amount similar models in the Samsung 950 Pro was limited to 512 GB.

However, it is worth noting that the image shows a significant difference in electrical characteristics between modules. At identical voltage (3.3 V) power current at 960 Pro SSD 2 TB will be only 1 a And 960 SSD Evo 1TB at 2.6 A. This suggests that the new 64-layer memory will use only the older model, while the younger will get more than the usual 48-layer VNAND memory.



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