The first SpaceX satellites to provide access to the Network will be launched into orbit in 2019

At the end of last year it became known that SpaceX has filed with the Federal communications Commission United States (Federal Communications Commission; FCC) request for a permit to run 4425 satellites. The satellites will provide Internet access large areas of Land.

It was then discussed that initially, SpaceX will launch 800 satellites to cover the US and some other areas. However, the timing of the start of the project was not called.

Recently during the Senate hearing on the infrastructure of the broadband Network, Vice President of SpaceX on Affairs of state Patricia Cooper (Patricia Cooper) uncovered details about these plans SpaceX. She said that the company intends to begin satellite launches in 2019. Given the fact that the satellites are rather large (weighing 386 kg) to orbit, even 800 vehicles will need quite a lot of runs.

Testing satellites is scheduled for early 2018. If it is successful, will start in 2019, the runs already commercial devices that will run until 2024. At the same time, recall the life of one of the satellites according to early reports, will be only 5-7 years, that is, immediately after launch all spacecraft SpaceX will need to start replacing the first one.

Separately, Cooper said that it was necessary to review FAA rules governing the number of launches per year, as they are outdated and do not correspond to the capabilities of SpaceX.



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