The first smartphone Xiaomi is expected in 2018

Anonymous insider claims that the first half of next year, the company Xiaomi released its first smartphone, whose body will be protected from dust, moisture and dirt and can withstand a fall on a hard surface.

Last year, the head of Xiaomi explained why they do not make their smartphones waterproof. First, when the phone is in need of renovation with the opening of the casing, its moisture is much worse. And secondly, the water resistance increases the price of the device.

The market represented a huge number of waterproof smartphones, almost all the flagships from well-known manufacturers have a certain degree of protection. If the market will be the demand for secure smartphones, Xiaomi, a company can certainly change its position on this issue.

Before the release of the Xiaomi Mi6, it was said it may be the first waterproof smartphone. Perhaps, this smartphone will be Xiaomi Mi7.



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